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Contact Tech Support: (800) 342-6125

Universal Pump Guidelines

Carter Fuel Systems / Safety

Pertinent information on universal pump guidelines including standard pump location.


The universal fuel pump should be mounted below the fuel tank, as all fuel pumps do not have equal lift capabilities. Also, the pump must be mounted below the carburetor to avoid possible vapor lock conditions from occurring. Under no circumstances should the pump be mounted in the trunk, inside the vehicle, or in the engine compartment. Personal injury could occur in the event of fuel line rupture.

Always mount a good quality fuel filter on the inlet side of the pump. Failure to do so will void the warranty. Do not mount the pump near exhaust system components, as heat contributes to vapor lock. Care should be exercised to protect the pump from splash or water immersion.

NOTE: Not all universal electric fuel pumps are capable of a pull-through arrangement with an existing mechanical fuel pump system. Check information on all universal electric pumps.

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